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Dagmar's Diplomatic Immunity
(Ch Jakay's Gefri Halleluia Baby x Dagmar's Sohni V Pappy Jack)
Gearing up to show off his veteran pal, "Dani", Jackson shows off his flair for his home state in his Texas attire while exhibiting.  We noticed the next day after Jack & "Dani" showed in a "Stetson kind of way" that there were probably a dozen or so men showing in their Stetsons.  

Trendsetters?.... We think so!  
Watch for Dani & Jackson in the veterans class doing their thing!

Jr Handler - Jackson Drake Garcia
Retired Show Dane - Dagmar's Diplomatic Immunity
Owners: Mikeman Family, Robstown, TX
Don, Penny, Jackson & Ross

Jackson & Dani 1995
Jackson & Dani 2001