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About ACE & The OH Store
American Canine Exhibitor came into existence in 2000 as the brain child of publisher, Penny Mikeman.  The purpose of the original print magazine was to give Owner Handlers a forum all their own and put these wins just like the pros do, in the hands of the judges for free.  Many judges welcomed this format and helped in it's early days with ideas and articles.  Afterall, some had been brand new at the sport once upon a time.  Surprisingly enough there were of course a few who did not like nor welcome the idea of a venue for strictly OH's (needless to say we personally don't show to those judges).

After several years I went back to work full time in the building industry for a major corporation leaving little time if any to print & distribute ACE as we had become known.  So after a few months ACE was trimmed back to strictly on-line advertising with a e-mail newsletter to about 1500 judges & exhibitors.  Then anti-spam filters were employed by most ISP's and the e-mails although welcomed in most inboxes were flying right back at us or going no where at all.  We thought we'll bring this back when filters are a little more likely to accept the word "bitch".  

A few months ago I decided to delete the website and the monthly maintenance I was paying for but when I got to the page where you hit "delete" I just couldn't throw away all that hard work and the dedication I still felt to help others learn this sport we call OH'ing.  I decided if anything that ACE would still be a forum for the novice to come learn and watch and for the experienced to share.  So the website sat on "free status" and somehow gained a whole new audience that had never seen what we were all about just prior to the original website getting the axe.

So, with this said, American Canine Exhibitor moved to the Owner Handler Store's website here on the easy to use Tripod server.  Primarily we're offering the Bragging Right's T-shirts.  However, that printing & publishing bug has never quit biting at me, just like when you win that darn first ribbon with your show dog, you are hooked.  So, what American Canine Exhibitor is going to do is print a YEARBOOK and offer advertising as well as put this yearbook into the hands of the judges who formerly received the ACE magazine.  Now this yearbook must be printed in an affordable method of course as most OH's are on a budget of course. If you are interested check out the 2006 Yearbook page.

Thanks for your time and as always

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Mikeman
Publisher / Content Editor
American Canine Exhibitor
Promoting Owner Handling of Quality Show Dogs

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